Wicked Good Spice Mixes

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Recipe Collection

Check out these wonderful WICKED GOOD recipes!  Click on the recipe title for the step by step instructions!

Vegetable Recipes 

Sweet Tuscany flavored tomatoes.  Great as a side dish, or tossed into pasta salad!  Wonderful as a pizza topper or mixed in with other roasted vegetables.  

YUMMY and easy roasted potatoes with an Italian flair!  Pairs nicely with roasted chicken or grilled steak. 
Use Jersey fresh tomatoes for this wonderfully easy and tasty dish!
A healthy side dish for any meal!  Easy enough for a weeknight, fancy enough for company!
What an alternative to the 'pushcart onion'.  Mouth watering!
This is a fantastic side dish with any chicken, beef or fish meal.  It is also wonderful as a meal by itself!  Diet friendly and filling!  

Roasted root vegetables and Brussels sprouts tossed in garlicky goodness!  Great pairing with a grilled meal during the summer, or roasted poultry in the fall.  
A delicious and healthy alternative to the standard potato chip! So good, even the kids love them!
A great snack to nibble on, or used as a side dish to any meal.
A sweet side dish to add flavor to your meal!  You can also grill or roast these!  Healthy, easy and delicious. 
Add a little garlic to your onion!  Tasty as a steak topping, chicken accompaniment or a side all by itself!
Kohlrabi (German turnip) has a wonderful texture.  It is delicately flavored, which pairs beautifully with our Garlic Explosion blend!  
Classic Italian appetizer of sauteed eggplant, spices and balsamic vinegar!