Wicked Good Spice Mixes

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Lunch Specials

Easy and delicious spin on the standard ham & cheese sandwich!  Tastes great by itself, or paired with tomato soup!
Enjoy our Clucking Good Chicken when its leftover!  Makes a refreshing pasta salad addition!
Use up any leftover boneless pork with this simple solution.  Fast and easy! 
This tasty egg salad is wonderful by itself, on a bed of fresh lettuce or sandwiched between thick slices of fresh bread!

Poultry Recipes

It's just that Clucking Good.  What else can we say!
Who says that burgers need to be made with ground beef?  Not Wicked Good!  Try these, and we promise you will be pleasantly surprised!

You can't go wrong when you go GARLIC!  Roast up some Garlic Explosion veggies with these legs, and watch out vampires!
Use different blends to create different styles.  Here are some suggestions!
A healthy & delicious meal! 

Pork Recipes

Sweet, savory and simple!

With Wicked Good Blends, Pigs CAN Fly!

These ribs are a real crowd-pleaser! Lots of flavor...little effort!

We make the best pulled pork...and we say this in the most modest way possible!

Soups, Stews, Gravies, Sauces & More

A gravy that would make any Italian mamma proud!  And any Italian family hungry and ready to eat!

This recipe was submitted to us from a Wicked Good fan...and we were proud to add it to our collection!  Thanks Claudia!

This crock pot curry is vegetarian and delicious!  So fragrant, so easy, and so tasty! 

Quick Cheats!

Turn frozen peppers and onions into a spectacular topping for chicken, beef or fish! 

All you need is olive oil, good bread, the Breadwinner and some great company!

So, a friend gave me some Roma tomatoes from her garden, and they never turned red. I threw together this Wicked Good, wicked easy side dish!

This rice recipe is simple to make, and adds a nice roasted flavor to your standard rice!  We used brown rice to give it an added layer of nuttiness!  An easy way to sneak some fresh veggies into your meal!