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Around The World and Out of This World Chicken Fingers 

*Tired of the same old chicken recipes, night after night?
Here are some great Wicked Good Spice Blends ideas to help you create some delicious new variations for your family and friends.

Try mixing 2-3 tablespoons of your favorite Wicked Good Spice  Blends into your flour; bread crumbs or panko.If you prefer grilling, just add to blend of your choice to olive oil and grill or broil.

*Southern Style Chicken Fingers:
Use  2 tablespoons of Voodoo Magic Blackened Blend

*Best of Tuscany Chicken Fingers:
Use 2 tablespoons of Tuscan Bistro and 1 tablespoon of Garlic Explosion 

*Tex-Mex  Fingers:
Use 3 tablespoons of Wild Canyon Spicy Pepper blend

Achilles Heel Chicken Fingers:
3 tablespoons of Achilles Heel Mediterranean Blend

Oven Grilled Cluckin' Good Chicken Fingers:
Add 2 tablespoons to some good extra virgin olive oil

**Finally don't limit yourself to just using our blends for chicken fingers; all of these blends work well with shrimp, fish and even pork chops or chicken fried steaks.